Water taxi between St. Marys, GA and Fernandina Beach, FL

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Soon (perhaps within six months) the St. Marys to Fernandina ferry will be operational, giving cyclists from Georgia and Florida a safe connection across the St. Marys River.                                                        

Riders of the East Coast Greenway will have a ferry connection between Florida and Georgia, as well as connections to the Cumberland Island National Seashore.and National Park Service's Timucuan Preserve.  

This will enable a much safer, more enjoyable, more scenic route for cyclists.  It will also make the beautful and historic area around St Marys, Georgia and Fernandina Beach, Florida an enticing destination for both long-distance touring cyclists and casual, family bikers.  

Getting WHEELS Rolling to Advance Florida's Mobility Future

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WHEELS Bike Transit event Miami November 2015WHEELS Florida Bike Walk Transit Trails EventAnnouncing the WHEELS Bike/Walk/Transit/Trails Event  

The East Coast Greenway Alliance, Florida Department of Transportation, Florida Greenways and Trails Foundation, and many other Miami, Florida and national organizations have teamed up in a campaign to get people out of their cars and get WHEELS Rolling in Miami this fall. Read the full story below.

Business leaders glimpse bike/transit “revolution”    Herb Hiller

MIAMI, Fla. [March 19] Miami business leaders today caught a glimpse of a milestone move to encourage more Floridians to get out of their cars.

“The most helpful, revolutionary act an American adult can legally perform,” said town planner Victor Dover, “is to pocket the car keys and get on a bike instead of driving.”  Dover called the five-day November 11-15 “green mobility” event called WHEELS, announced this morning, “a chance to see the future.”

Ferry from Fernandina to St. Marys may be restored

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Alexa Epitropoulos

Digital Producer- Jacksonville Business Journal

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A water taxi between cities situated on the Florida/Georgia line has received major support from the Fernandina Beach City Commission.

The water taxi, which would go between Fernandina Beach in Florida and St. Marys in Georgia, now needs funding to get off the ground, reports the Florida Times-Union.

It's a service that would be good for tourism and for business, according to some. Bicyclist Phillip Scanlan told the Times-Union that he had been lobbying for the link between Fernandina and St. Marys since last year to fill in a gap in the East Coast Greenway, a 2,900-mile trail that runs between Key West and Maine.

Fernandina Beach officials say it all depends on the first few steps, including if the Fernandina Harbor Marina waives docking fees for the ferry for the preliminary two years.

"One way or another, I believe that will happen and that would get the business off to a good start," City manager Joe Gerrity told the Times-Union."It will help promote tourism and help with the bicycle trail."

Here's a link to the official East Coast Greenway map of this area.

Florida Amendment 1 Planning - Crucial Time!

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The Florida Legislature is preparing to implement Constitutional Amendment 1 that voters overwhelmingly passed last November. The amendment allocates one-third of the state's annual excise tax on documents to Florida's Land Acquisition Trust Fund (previously known as Florida Forever).  The East Coast Greenway Alliance joins the statewide trails community in seeking that 10 percent of revenues go toward completing a statewide system of inter-connected trails that will preserve open spaces and connect Florida downtowns to our natural heritage.  We urge you to contact your state representative and senator to support this allocation. 


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