Maggie Ardito

Maggie Ardito survived a 40 year career in various aspects of software and systems engineering mostly in government contracting and mostly focused on information management. She met her husband, Jim, at the University of Denver where they were both math majors. They have two adult girls who are also software engineers. She is originally from Montana, but she and her husband have lived and worked in Munich, Seoul, NYC, Texas, New Orleans and Florida.  In 2004 she started her own business consulting to national security agencies on information architecture and semantic technologies - untangling the meaning and relationships hidden in data.  Now that she and her husband are retired, they have moved to Deland and spend summers cycling in Michigan and Europe.  She has been working with Drupal for about 5 years. In addition to the Florida East Coast Greenway site, she has developed a trail and touring site at 

Her personal mission is to make a difference for better communities - using the power of the web to make communities more bikable, walkable, healthy and sustainable. She believes cycling, trails and bikability matter at every level

  • Individual,
  • family 
  • community 
  • national and
  • global 

and contribute to ever kind of well-being

  • Physical - Health 
  • Mental - Happiness 
  • Personal - Independence 
  • Financial - economic independence and 
  • concern for future generations

She believes technology, information and the web are tools and catalysts for change - one person can make a small difference, but real change requires a team effort