Volusia County will ask state for Osteen easements to build East Central Florida Rail Trail

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By Pat Andrews

posted Nov 29, 2013 - 9:29:37am

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Some Osteen residents who hoped the Volusia County Council would protect their land from a type of eminent domain use had their hopes dashed during the Nov. 21 County Council meeting. Now, they are looking for a Plan B.

Osteen residents said they will not give up the fight. They plan to ask the state to turn down the county's request for release of easements to the county on 13 Osteen properties, Save Osteen Now founder Sheryl Manche said, and they will look into legal avenues they can pursue.

After hearing arguments pro and con a second time, the Volusia County Council voted 4-3 to ask the state for the easements to build the East Central Florida Regional Rail Trail along Osteen Maytown Road. To do that, the county is using a little-known provision of the law called the Murphy Act.

Plan — Volusia County Engineer Jerry Brinton goes over the proposed route for the East Central Florida Regional Rail Trail. To follow the trail's planned route along Osteen Maytown Road, the county will ask the state to release state easements obtained years ago using provisions of a little-known law called the Murphy Act.