Trail Advocacy Report: FL Continues to Lead

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A vital report just issued by the strongest voice for bike-ped/trail-sidewalk advocacy arrives like a Christmas gift in all of our stockings. Have a look at how governments at all levels are energetically investing in trail-sidewalk maintenance at a time when fiscal scolds call for refusing trail funding because it hardly ever comes with maintenance dollars. The report -- How Communities are Paying  to Maintain Trails, Bike Lanes. and Sidewalks -- is at Trail Advocacy Report   It's sponsored by Advocacy Advance, the partnership between the Alliance for Bicycling & Walking and the League of America Bicyclists.

The report notes that Florida is the only state that in 2014 refused Recreational Trails Program funding. Yet as ECGA Trail Program Coordinator Eric Weis points out, "Florida ended up putting more $ into trails than the RTP would have provided anyway. Despite turning down federal RTP funds, FL continues to be a leader in trails spending."

And that was before passage of Amendment 1 that could put almost $2 billion into trails for 20 years after implementation.  Every step benefits trails and greenways in Florida like the Florida East Coast Greenway.