Gullah Geechee Path to Freedom Tour July 11 - Georgia to Florida

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De Gullah Geechee Paat ta Freedum Tour

For an update on De Paat ta Freedum -- Gullah for the Path to Freedom -- tour that July 11 launches group touring along the Gullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor/East Coast Greenway, log onto Florida leaders in facilitating the 550-mile four-state tour include Velo Fest Community Initiative, Amelia Island Trails (AIT), Amelia Island's American Beach Community, Friends of the St. Johns River Ferry, and the SEA Community nonprofit in bike-friendly Armstrong. On July 22 the touring group of 25 pre-college students and coaches will cross Cumberland Sound from St. Marys, Georgia to Fernandina Beach by water taxi charter. As noted in a previous article, AIT is working to re-establish regular cross-sound service after its interruption three years ago for lack of demand.