Florida Amendment 1 Planning - Crucial Time!

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The Florida Legislature is preparing to implement Constitutional Amendment 1 that voters overwhelmingly passed last November. The amendment allocates one-third of the state's annual excise tax on documents to Florida's Land Acquisition Trust Fund (previously known as Florida Forever).  The East Coast Greenway Alliance joins the statewide trails community in seeking that 10 percent of revenues go toward completing a statewide system of inter-connected trails that will preserve open spaces and connect Florida downtowns to our natural heritage.  We urge you to contact your state representative and senator to support this allocation. 

During the 20 years of the amendment's life span, starting July 1 this year, the trust fund will make an estimated $20 billion available for the acquisition and improvement of land and water areas, specifically including the financing of recreational trails, parks, urban open space and rural landscapes. 
Here's a good presentation by the Florida Greenways and Trails Foundation about the trail network. 


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