Your invitation to the America Walks Walking College webinar

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Dan Burden, who will speak at WHEELS November 13 in South Miami (, announces a powerful free tutorial in the post that follows.

Friends and associates —


Good news!  Samantha and I have gotten EACH of you and ALL in your organization invited to the America Walks Walking College opening webinar. We have both the honor of opening this college and giving the final convocation keynote address in Washington, D.C. in late October.  

How cool is that?

This will be a FREE 60 minute webinar to help us build many partners in our work.  Please attend this webinar yourselves, invite fellow team members, and invite your entire built environment community to join this webinar.  Over 300 people are registered as of today, so word is getting out fast. I want us to set a world record. No, seriously, I do. Don’t delay, get word out to key people in your communities, and let us swell this number to 600+. 

Samantha and I are going to pull out all stops in innovation and fun as the two of us lead this one hour session. It will feel as much like a play as an interactive training event. The writeup for this webinar appears as follows:

"After delving into the foundations of the walking movement, the Walking College Webinar Series gets into the nuts and bolts of walkable communities with the acknowledged expert in this area. Dan Burden, Director of Innovation and Inspiration with Blue Zones, has worked in 3,500 communities to transform streets and public spaces into livable, walkable communities that support healthy, affordable lifestyles. Along with Samantha Thomas, Blue Zones' Built Environment Manager, Dan will teach us all to see through his eyes, as he surveys a desolate and abandoned downtown district, and visualizes its transformation into a modern, vibrant marketplace of human interaction - welcoming people of all ages, incomes, ethnicities, and religions."

Below is YOUR webinar registration link. Thanks for offering to share it with your Blue Zones Project and Community-wide networks!

NOT TOMORROW, NOT IN AN HOUR, SIGN UP NOW!  It’s easy, and free.

Dan Burden
Director of Innovation & Inspiration

“I arise in the morning torn between the desire to save the world and a desire to savor the world. That makes it hard to plan the day.”    — E.B. White