WHEELS Florida Kicks Off with History, Music and Plans

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After over a year of planning and cooperation by visionaries and leaders,  WHEELS Florida finally happened this weekend!  It was a fantastic event, combining the WHEELS Bike/Transit/Trails Event with the East Coast Greenway Summit.   

Herb Hiller, WHEELS Coordinator and East Coast Greenway Regional Coordinator, and Victor Dover of Dover & Kohl  were the primary champions and prime movers. But they couldn’t do it alone - somehow they inspired people from everywhere, from all kinds of professions and organizations, both public and private, to contribute.   

WHEELS kicked off officially on Wednesday night, November 11, 2015 at the Miami University Architecture Center.    The program was opened by Victor Dover and included presentations about the importance bicycling has played in the history of Miami.  Arva Parks and Pam Lahiff discussed the history of cycling in south Florida. 

Herb HIller spoke about the early efforts of initiating bikability in Florida and Linda Crider described her role in getting the wheels rolling in Florida.  She started many of the state's first biking intitiatives when she was working in Governor Graham's office.  She told what it took to establish Bike Florida, Florida Bicycle Association, Safe Routes to Schools, and other large initiatives.  She talked about the serendipitous hiring of Dan Burden who at that time was working in Missoula, MT on Bike Centenial.  Linda also sang a few of her great songs about cycling including "Wheels".  Click on the images below for more photos.

Victor Dover Kicks off WHEELS and East Coast Greenway Summit in Miami
Victor Dover describes WHEELS Objectives
Herb Hiller talks about early efforts for a bikable Florida
Linda Crider singing "Wheels" at WHEELS Florida
Linda Crider on what it takes to get the wheels rolling