Ryan Gravel's Bold Vision is gaining traction across the US

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When Ryan Gravel gave the keynote about the Atlanta Beltline at the WHEELS Florida Green Mobility Event in November, he lit a fire with his bold vision for changing the world.  His vision for changing a city by changing the infrastructure is spreading - beyond Atlanta, beyond Florida, beyond the South East.  Herb Hiller, WHEELS organizer,  sent a link to this recent article in the New York Times.  Ryan is quoted in the article:   

“The BeltLine became the tool for change. It would help protect quality of life in the face of growth. In the south or west, where there was nothing new, this was a great new source of investment.  BeltLine was a compelling vision.  It wasn’t just a trail, wasn’t just a transit line. It was a catalyst. Everybody could be part of it. It tapped into the ambition that the city had for itself, that it could be a great city.”

T o learn more about what it took for Ryan to transform his bold vision for Atlanta into a reality, take a look at this previous post.





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