New Video about Florida's Coast to Coast Connector

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A video about Florida's proposed Coast to Coast Connector trail by the Florida Greenways & Trails Foundation. The C2C Connector is a coordinated regional effort to create a 275-mile multi-use trail by filling in the 72 miles of gaps between existing trails from the Gulf of Mexico in St. Petersburg to the Atlantic Ocean in Titusville. This 'Supertrail' - the longest continuous bike path in the state - will draw thousands of bike-loving tourists and spark new restaurants, hotels, and bike shops in communities along the route. For more information, please visit: 

It's really true about attacting cyclists from all over the world.  We've met people from Germany, Israel and France and of course Canada on the Withlacoochee.  

Click on the link to see the video, plus lots of other great videos about the growing network of trails in Florida.  

Especially interesting is the interview with Mayor Nathan Whitt of Dunellon about the next connecting Bridge.   We have always thought it was a shame that the beautiful, 46 mile long Withlacoochee did not extend all the way into Dunellon.  Until now there was no safe way to pedal into town for lunch or overnight Now this beautiful bridge connects the Withlacoochee not just with the town, but also with the Cross Florida Greenway.  Great job Dunellon, and Florida Trails and Greeanways Foundation.