ECG Navigation Now Easier Than Ever

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by Eric Weis, Trail Program Coordinator
East Coast Greenway Alliance

The East Coast Greenway Alliance is extremely proud to offer two tools to help people travel the Greenway: the ECG smartphone app, and our Trip Planner, found at

The smartphone app is a GPS-based tool which displays a map on your phone, noting your current position with an arrowhead icon, and showing the ECG route as a green (trail) and blue (road) line overlay. The user can simply follow the colored line, as the user's location is always in the center of the screen, updating every 65 feet or so. This app creates custom cue sheets too, displaying turn directions at the bottom of your phone’s screen.

The Trip Planner is the other great navigation tool. Users can create custom cue sheets between any two points on the ECG. Those cue sheets can be printed to bring along with you on your ride, or you can turn them into PDFs to display on your smartphone for your ride. This tool can also create .gpx files to load to a Garmin or other GPS device.

The image to the right shows the Trip Planner for the Daytona area of the Florida East Coast Greenway.    To get to the page is a snap - just click on the image or go to map.greenway.ord   and then click on Zoom To and enter Daytona (or any other city on the Greenway.)

Click on the images below to see images for the Smartphone app.  The smartphone app is available today in the App Store (for iPhone) and at Google Play (for Android phones).

Trail Coordinator for East Coast Greenway
Florida East Coast Greenway Daytona Section
Navigation for East Coast Greenway
Navigation for East Coast Greenway
Navigation for East Coast Greenway