Delray Beach SAFE Community Program

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What you might never have expected to read

Herb Hiller

Astonishing set of documents here. Milestones in the advance of green mobility pushed by a Delray Beach ally of the East Coast Greenway Alliance in one of the many cities that our trail connects through Florida.

These are agreements accepted by developers advised by SAFE that to get their urban dwelling projects approved – and to successfully target the buyers they want – they need to demonstrate commitment to improving how people can safely get around without cars.

The documents are full of commitments like these:

  • Donate 200 shopping carts for neighborhood people so they don’t need cars for groceries.
  • Contribute sums up to $50,000 to help the municipality fund either a Ped/Bike Coordinator or Transportation Demand Management Administrator.
  • Provide both male and female inside showers, changing rooms and lockers for office and retail employees.

SAFE stands for Safety As Floridians Expect. Lead advocate is Jim Smith, who will show and tell November 14 during the 24th Annual ECGA Membership Summit in South Miami how these documents have come about and how by then their use might already be happening elsewhere in Palm Beach County.

When I lately asked Jim how come no SAFE website, he wrote back: “[W]e're an email advocacy organization with thousands of connects. We only 'push', no 'pulling'."

Jim’s November 14 appearance, like the ECGA Summit, will also be part of WHEELS, the 7-county South Florida push to get people out of their cars walking, cycling, riding transit and using trails. Details: Look for a next post that will include an interview with Jim.