SJR2C - St Johns River-to-Sea Loop

The St. Johns River-to-Sea Loop (SJR2C) is a partially completed nearly 300 mile loop that follows the East Coast Greenway along Florida’s Atlantic Coast and the St. Johns River corridor.  In July, 2016 the St Johns River-to-Sea Loop Alliance was formed to support and promote the Loop.  Click the links below for current information about the SJR2C.

New Video about Florida's Coast to Coast Connector

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A video about Florida's proposed Coast to Coast Connector trail by the Florida Greenways & Trails Foundation. The C2C Connector is a coordinated regional effort to create a 275-mile multi-use trail by filling in the 72 miles of gaps between existing trails from the Gulf of Mexico in St. Petersburg to the Atlantic Ocean in Titusville.

Ryan Gravel Gives Keynote at WHEELS Florida

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Ryan Gravel, Sixpitch, at WHEELS Florida East Coast Greenway SummitIn a day of inspirational, informative and thought-provoking presentations, Ryan Gravel’s keynote “Transit and the Next Infrastructure” tops the list on all counts!  Ryan is the originator of the Atlanta Beltline, a soon-to-be completed circular trail around Atlanta that is already changing the way people live in the city.  It’s “a corridor of humanity - built for people, not for cars”.

The power of infrastructure change The Power of Infrastructure Change.

Like me, Ryan has lived and traveled extensively throughout Europe and given deep thought to the (in many ways) superior way of life Europeans enjoy.  He talked at length about the inextricable relationship between infrastructure and culture, and has coined a new, insight-provoking term “infra-culture”.    The pictures above show a Paris street as it was when Ryan lived there in 1995, and the same view after the infrastructure improvement in 2010.  As evidenced by infrastructure changes throughout Europe and the US, and dramatically proved by the Atlanta Beltline, changing the infrastructure changes the culture.  As he says “It is more than infrastructure. It’s our way of life.”  

Inspiration and Information at WHEELS Florida

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Andy Clarke League of American BicyclistsFriday was a day packed with information and inspiration.  Andy Clarke, retired president of League of American Bicyclists, presented a slide that sums up the creed that drives so many people to devote so much energy to the cause of America's cycling movement. Here in just a few well chosen words is what "We Believe" that keeps us motivated to fight for a bicycle-friendly America.  

WHEELS rolls November 11-15 to get people out of cars

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Join the conference. Enjoy guided rides. Learn safe cycling. Love the street bash. It’s all free!

In a traffic world out of control, take control! 

WHEELS, November 11-to-15 in South Miami, sums up years that I’ve devoted to placemaking, green mobility and ecotourism. 

WHEELS will offer 5 days of choices from Do-it-Now to Slow-and-Easy about how to combine driving your car with walking, bicycling, riding transit and trails to get where you need to go. Eliminate stress. Save money and time. 

Join the conference. Enjoy guided rides. Learn safe cycling. Love the street bash. It’s all free! Log on to for everything you need to know. Pre-register for prizes. Get restaurant discounts and special rates for the nights you want. 

Please pass on word about WHEELS to everyone you know.


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